SUKA Society praises Appco as “an invaluable partner”

Children’s charity SUKA Society has praised Appco Group Malaysia who have “contributed to the growth and development of the organisation”.

“As a young NGO [non-government organisation], it is important to find good partners who can contribute to the growth and development of the organisation,” said Executive Director of SUKA Society Malaysia, Anderson Selvasegaram.  “Appco is an invaluable partner in our work”.

Thanks to the regular-giving donors secured by face-to-face fundraisers working with Appco Group Malaysia, SUKA society was able to develop and grow its on-going Orang Asli pre-school programme.

The project’s beneficiaries were several community pre-schools in Malaysia, and SUKA Society is a firsthand witness to the fact that empowering Orang Asli pre-school teachers to be a catalyst for education and providing the pre-schools educational tools have a profound impact on the learning experience of indigenous children in remote areas.

Appco Group Malaysia works with a network of marketing companies who in turn work with independent contractors who do face-to-face fundraising for charities such as SUKA Society. Anderson Selvasegaram describes the [face-to-face] fundraisers as “extremely competent in their work and they are able to deliver excellent results”.

Face-to-face fundraisers engage every individual in a conversation about the charity they represent and continually turn unreachable people into loyal donors. There are over 1,000 fundraisers across seven countries in the Appco Asia network – and over 3,500 fundraisers across 24 countries globally – all of whom receive on-going coaching and support in order to best represent Appco’s clients.

SUKA Society, or Persatuan Kebajikan Suara Kanak-kanak Malaysia (SUKA), is a registered non-governmental organisation set up to protect and preserve the best interests of children.