StarHub Awards: Appco Group Singapore 2x Champion for Customer Acquisition

StarHub Awards:

Appco Group Singapore 2x Champion for Customer Acquisition

SINGAPORE, 1 March – Appco Group Singapore has its sales playbook down to an exact science (or mastered the art of wooing customers, if you prefer). The country team from Appco Group Asia was named 2017 Fixed Challenge Champion and 2017 Top Hunter Partner (Platinum category) by StarHub Enterprise Business Group – the business arm of one of Singapore’s largest telecommunications and broadcasting corporations. The awards were presented by Arthur Tang, StarHub Enterprise Sales Vice President to Ben Oliver, Appco Group Singapore Senior General Manager and Amitaa K, Appco Group Singapore General Manager during the StarHub Advertising Chinese New Year 2018 Lou Hei Luncheon at Swissotel The Stamford.

“We’re honoured to partner with StarHub over the past 5 years. As the telecommunications and broadcasting industry constantly evolves, so do the opportunities – and we remain committed to helping our clients strengthen the way they engage with their customers, by meeting them where they are,” said Ben Oliver. “StarHub is a major player in the Singapore telco market and a growing presence in empowering businesses of all sizes to stay ahead of their game. Appco has been instrumental in making this happen. These two awards are testament to their leadership and expertise in building a strong and sustainable customer base,” said Arthur Tang. Every year, StarHub holds the awards event to appreciate and celebrate their channel partners, as well as showcase what’s new and upcoming for the year. The event was hosted by Justin Mission, and was also attended by some of Hong Kong’s popular TVB celebrities like Ruco Chan and Eliza Sum.

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Chris Niarchos on how to deal with problems in business

In Chris’s latest blog, Appco Founder and Chairman, Chris Niarchos, wrote about the importance of overcoming problems in business.

“We’re faced with problems and obstacles every day of our lives and how we respond to them says a lot about who we are as people and as business leaders.”, Chris says.

Chris points out that “businesses are struggling to adapt to the challenges shaped by digital technology and so many industries have been hit hard by the digital revolution. How each has responded to it says a lot about how they operate.”

As an entrepreneur and business leader, Chris believes innovation is critical to survival and harnessing your true capabilities will maximise your chances of success.

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Sales is a numbers game

As part of our ongoing series to uncover top sales techniques and tips from the experts, we spoke to Vishnu Annapareddy of Centurion Organisation and Appco Group Asia partner. This is what he had to say about a seminal career moment and the impact it had on his sales career.

“Many people seem to think that you need to have a vast repertoire of skills to be successful in sales. Ultimately it comes down to simple maths – numbers really do count.

“When I joined Appco Group Australia 12 years ago, I had no idea about how to master the art of selling. Common sense and intuition led me to conclude that if I spent time with the sales ‘high rollers’, I’d be able to learn all their secrets and tricks of the trade.

Hit your numbers and know your ratio

“One of those people was a guy called Barry. Not only did he obliterate targets and set new records, he did so consistently. But how did he make it look so easy, so effortless almost? Was there some kind of magic formula? As you can expect, I was intrigued and eager to absorb any knowledge that he would share with me.

“As the new kid on the block, I looked up to Barry. I figured that he must be doing something out of the ordinary, perhaps using some complicated mathematical equation. So when I finally plucked up the courage to ask him what the secret to his success was, I was taken aback by his answer:

‘You’ve got to hit your numbers every day. Vishnu, what’s your ratio?’

“To me ratios meant basic fractions. Little did I realise that sales is about ratios. Looking at my somewhat bemused face, Barry quickly understood that I really didn’t have a clue. He continued with his explanation:

‘Vishnu, sales is a numbers game. Succeeding in sales is about knowing your ratio and working tirelessly to hit your numbers.’

“The ratio we’re talking about here is the number of closes per sale (a close is defined as a completed full presentation to your potential customer). For example, let’s say that the ratio is 5 closes:1 sale (ratios vary depending on length of stay and accumulated experience of the salesperson).

So, if you want to achieve 2 sales today, you need 10 closes, and so on.

“All the sales training courses and events that I subsequently attended during the years have certainly helped me close more sales within a stipulated time. But I first needed to hit my numbers/ratio in order for those sales to happen.

“I never forgot Barry’s words and they’ve stayed with me throughout my career. Sales is indeed a numbers game.”


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Getting up when slow sales take you down

Every now and then, we find ourselves in a bad patch. Sales slump and it becomes that much harder to get motivated to get going again.

When that happens, it’s important to know how to pull yourself up and get inspired. Here are some tips to get through the down times:

1. Long-term goal setting

Rather than focusing on the immediate future, look beyond it and figure out what you want to achieve further down the line.

Certain goals might not be achievable today, tomorrow or by next week, but by setting your sights several months ahead, you give yourself the chance to deal with current challenges and come back successfully.

2. Surround yourself with encouragement

Lean on other people for support – particularly those who know what it’s like to be stuck in the rut.

Use networking opportunities to develop connections with others in the industry who can help you maintain a positive attitude and encourage you to keep going when things are down.

3. Review and refocus

Those same people aren’t just great for encouragement, they can give you advice about where you may be able to improve.

Getting a mentor to watch your presentation, then give you clear feedback can help you freshen up and can be a great source of inspiration.

3. Celebrate success

It’s easy to forget when you’re constantly working to be better, but it’s so important to celebrate your achievements.

Take the time to focus on what has gone right for you, and what goals you have already reached. Being aware of your successes is certainly a key to having more.

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Transferring life skills to sales

While sales training can help you learn new techniques to build your numbers, it can also help you make the most of skills you already have.
It’s important to embrace the abilities you have developed in life, and use those to boost your professional performance.

1. Communicating with different people
Throughout your life, you will have spent time with a range of people of different ages, ethnicities, and from different backgrounds with different beliefs.
From the schoolyard to the business world, you will have developed communication skills that stretch across a variety of people and personalities.
Being able to speak to all different types of people, engage them in conversation and make them feel at ease is arguably the most important ability for salespeople.

2. Using your own initiative
Thinking on your feet is crucial if you’re to make the most of conversations with potential customers and ensure that every person you speak to has a positive experience.
While the prospect of using your own judgement in situations like this can seem daunting, it’s important to have faith in your abilities.
You already rely on your initiative and gut instinct countless times a day, whether you’re negotiating a better deal on your mobile phone contract, or holding a door open for a mother with a pushchair.

3. Strong organisational abilities
Time management and good organisation are key attributes in a sales role.
To stick to a schedule and make productive use of your time, you must plan your days effectively. As with the two skills mentioned above though, strong organisational abilities may well be something you have already picked up.
Whether you’re used to meeting deadlines in your current role or have experience of sticking to a study schedule, planning your days as a sales specialist might come easier to you than you think.

Just the beginning
These are just three of the skills that you can adapt from everyday life to help you in your sales career, but there are loads more.

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Two sales hurdles to overcome

Vishnu Annapareddy, Centurion Organisation, is a partner to Appco Group Asia, conducting face-to-face sales and fundraising for Appco’s clients in both Malaysia and The Philippines.

The sales industry is worth billions, yet many people don’t quite know how to make the most of it. Here are two hurdles that every wannabe sales professional faces:

1. Fear of rejection

This seems to be the top reason that makes people shy away from sales. I understand it, no one wants to be told ‘No’, so the million-dollar question is how to overcome this fear of rejection.

My best advice is to not take rejection personally.

After starting my career in face-to-face sales, I learned quickly that rejection was not about me. When I met rude customers, I reminded myself that they were good people having a bad day. I thanked them politely for their time and moved on.

There is simply no point in dwelling on rejection – shrug it off, and keep going.

2. Long-term consistency

Seeking out new customers, and doing sales presentations every day is not easy, so finding the motivation to keep working hard is essential.

The importance of setting goals cannot be underestimated. I have been in sales for 12 years and my personal goals are what has kept me going strong. Working towards them helps me push myself to maintain sales consistency.

Having something to aim for will provide you with daily drive.

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Excuses and solutions for slow sales

By Vishnu Annapareddy, Centurion Organisation. He is a strategic partner to Appco Group Asia, conducting face-to-face sales and fundraising for Appco’s clients in both Malaysia and The Philippines.

In every industry, workers will come up with excuses for lacklustre performances, and sales is no exception. Here are five of the top reasons sales professionals give, and how they can be resolved:

Excuse 1: The customer is not interested

If every customer was interested in what a sales professional had to say, then why would the company need representatives? They might not be interested at first, but remember, the first no actually means customers don’t know what you are proposing.

Make it interesting straight away. Say something to capture and keep the customer’s attention within the first 10 seconds of meeting them.

Excuse 2: The customers are busy

It would be a strange world, indeed, if every customer was constantly ready, waiting and available to hear your presentation.

Make sure you can break down your presentation for anyone on the run. Always have a ‘movie’ and a ‘trailer’ prepared. When customers have lots of time to listen, give them the movie, if they are busy, present them with the trailer.

Excuse 3: The economy is bad

This is not really in our control, but it’s no reason to give up.

The economy seems to be an intelligent excuse that smart sales professionals give. But no matter what the economy, people need to hustle to get their sales, so it’s not worth accepting as an excuse. Sometimes we just need to hustle a bit more.

Excuse 4: My territory is burnt

This is such a general excuse and often isn’t based on anything specific.

There are sales to be had in every territory. If a sales professional claims that a particular area is exhausted, they need to look at the number of sales done in that territory and then decide whether it needs to be rested or not. From my experience, we make this excuse because of two or three encounters with existing customers. Let the numbers speak.

Excuse 5: Customer is happy with existing vendor or supplier

Often they are and that is why they are doing business with them.


Don’t badmouth the competition and give yourself an unprofessional reputation. Instead, try to understand why they are happy with their existing vendor. It’s a great way to educate yourself about what customers really want.

Maintain a relationship with the person and keep them updated with your product developments – as long as you have a fishing rod in the water, you have a higher chance of catching the fish.

These reasons for poor performance often appear real, but they’re not going to help you improve. Instead, put the energy spent on complaining into sales and you’ll find there’s far less need for the excuses.

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Three reasons to invest in sales training

1. Make yourself more valuable

Quality training shows and will be apparent not only in your sales results, but also in how other people in the industry regard your performance.
There’s no such thing as too much knowledge, and even the best of us have room to improve.
Having the opportunity to hear new ideas and bounce your own off someone else will help you see what areas you can be doing better in, and help you develop more skills to maximise your sales numbers.

2. Learn to replace yourself

Having good training will help you become a better teacher.
As you progress in your career and look to bring other people into your business, the experience of great mentoring will enable you to offer that in return to others coming into the industry.
Whether it be learning how to communicate more clearly, developing a range of training techniques, or knowing how to get people motivated, having previously learnt from someone else will make you more capable at passing on your skills.

3. Save yourself some time

Trial and error is an obvious method for learning what you should and should not do in sales, but it can be extremely time consuming.
Why learn from mistakes when there are people there to help you get things right the first time?
Receiving sales training from industry experts who have been there before, and have years of experience could save you a great amount of time in learning the best techniques.

Put training to the test!

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Appco Korea manager thrives on company energy

Client account manager Charlotte Kim says the energy of other people in the company, along with her own personal development have been key motivating factors in her commitment to Appco Korea.

1. What brought you to Appco Korea?
I was aware of Appco’s strong relationship with the charities sector, and saw joining the company as a way to be involved in work that genuinely helped people.
My previous work in consumer goods had shown me that my outgoing personality and humour worked well in jobs that involved managing and cooperating with partner companies, so moving to Appco gave me an opportunity to develop that.

3. Describe your role at Appco.
If there were two islands, one being Appco Korea and the other being the clients, my role is like a bridge between them, communicating ideas and opinions between the two. i’m connected to every department in head office and marketing companies.

4. What motivates you?
When I participated in Appco’s Asian rally in 2015, I remember been inspired by the enthusiastic atmosphere and the goals of the already successful business leaders.
Seeing and feeling the energy in that dynamic group has motivated me to work as hard as I can and aim as high as possible.

5. What achievements have you been particularly proud of at Appco?
The first thing I did on joining the company was create a system in the Client Account Management department. As a result, not only is the department organised and ordered, there is consistency that ensures good communication with clients.

6. What have you gained from your time at Appco?
Working at the company has helped me to grow up. When I see Kim Yong, the country’s organisational head, I’m struck by his energy and how he faces challenges. His positivity has changed how I approach goals in both my professional and personal life.

7. What have you learnt that you’d like to pass on?
My greatest advice is to have confidence and conviction. If you have conviction in your field, then that is a great step towards success. The best chance you have of persuading other people is by believing in your own message.

adminAppco Korea manager thrives on company energy
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With Appco Korea since the start

Simon Hwang gave up his job as a chef to join the Appco Korea network as an independent contractor when the company launched in 2012.
Watching the quick success of the company over the last four years has been a key motivator for Simon, who has since moved from an independent contractor role to a member of the support team.
Simon is a field development trainer, mentoring those just getting their start in the industry.

What brought you to Appco?
I had been working as a chef in an Italian restaurant in Japan when I met Kim Yong – Appco Korea’s organistational head – who at that time was just bringing people on board.
From everything he said, it seemed that the company would present a lot of opportunities, so I took the plunge and began my sales career with Appco Korea.

What was it like when you started out?
I’m not going to lie, at the beginning my sales score was significantly low. I was pretty hard on myself, and was disappointed, but decided to try another week.
It was definitely a lesson in commitment, because as soon as I doubled my efforts, my sales results reflected that hard work.

Is it special for you having been there since the beginning?
Definitely. It’s been amazing to see the company grow up so fast. When I see successful people within Appco Korea’s network, I’m proud because I know it means I’m doing my job well.

Are there any special memories you have with the company?
Just seeing how people in the industry help others coming. Even when those people are facing their own challenges, they are always willing to give advice. They tell me that they were given help, so it’s important for them to pass that on to others.

What advice do you have based on your experience at Appco?
As a field development trainer, people ask me how to mentor, and what information they need to pass on. I would say practice is the key, and to lead by example. Many people think they are not good teachers, but by simply putting in the effort into your own role, you will improve your ability to show others what to do as well.

What have you gained from being at Appco?
I have developed so much with Appco Korea, I have an inextricable relationship with the company. The energy at Appco Korea inspires me, and makes me enjoy working hard.

adminWith Appco Korea since the start
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