Appco India breaks records for PayTV client Tata Sky

Appco Group India has broken records by having over 4,100 activations for PayTV client Tata Sky in one month.

The client is absolutely delighted with the results and has praised the team for their commitment and dedication.

Find out more about the client’s reaction on the Appco India news.

adminAppco India breaks records for PayTV client Tata Sky
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Assistant Owner highlights the benefits of self-employment

Appie Panwar, Assistant Owner of a marketing company within the Appco Group UK network, highlights the benefits of working for yourself.

“For me, the biggest benefit is the performance-based payment structure to the role.

“My mentality is I can wake up every single day and say ‘this is how much money I want to make today’, and go and do it. I am in control of what I make.

“The company is your own baby, so you work harder at it. You’re just never going to look after a rental like you will if it’s all yours.”

Find out more about Appie’s thoughts on self-employment on the Appco UK news page.

adminAssistant Owner highlights the benefits of self-employment
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VSO acknowledges face-to-face fundraisers with BBC tour

Charity VSO thanks two incredible fundraisers for their indomitable spirit in fundraising for the charity by giving them a private tour of BBC in London.

Appie Panwar and Stephanie Wiltshire were recognised by VSO for bringing in the highest number of long-term, regular-giving donors for the charity, over a six-month period.

VSO works in over 25 of the world’s poorest countries, bringing people together to fight poverty through volunteering.

Find out more about the BBC tour on the Appco UK news.

adminVSO acknowledges face-to-face fundraisers with BBC tour
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Appco Vice President reflects on his sales journey

Appco Vice President Michael Scully (owner of the Tuscan Organisation) reflects on his 22-year career within the Appco network and the lessons he has learned along the way.

“Sales, work ethic, enthusiasm – these things came to me pretty easily, but learning how to build and mentor a team was a huge challenge for me.

“My personal philosophy is that ‘I am exactly where I’m meant to be’, wherever that is, whatever I’m doing.

“I realised that striving to be successful is ultimately more fulfilling than the success itself.”

Find out more about Michael’s journey and the success he’s achieved on the Appco UK blog.

adminAppco Vice President reflects on his sales journey
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New field representative highlights invaluable skills she’s learnt

Amelia Mills joined Appco UK’s network in Wales six months ago as a Field Representative. Although, she has only been in the business a short time, Amelia’s already developed invaluable skills that will help her pursue any career path she chooses.

Amelia says her decision to join the business was based on the enthusiasm of the owner of the marketing company she is contracted to.

Amelia underscores strong communication skills, expressing oneself, customer service, and self-confidence as the skills she has learned and developed since being in the business.

Find out more about Amelia’s story on the Appco UK blog.

adminNew field representative highlights invaluable skills she’s learnt
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Appco UK owner moves Stateside to help build US business

On Joakim Nordin’s first day as a self-employed field representative in England, he was told the role could give him the opportunity to move the United States one day.

Five and a half years later, he’s managing an Appco USA events office in Orange County (OC), California, and says life couldn’t be better.

“In 2011, when I was 22, I moved to England from Sweden,” Joakim says.

“I was meant to stay for year, and didn’t really have a lot of plans. My goal was to watch a lot of football, and that was about it.”

But after two weeks in Britain, he started contracting with a marketing company in the Appco UK network in Manchester.

“On my first day, it was mentioned to me that Appco was expanding in America and some people may be offered a chance to move over there eventually,” he says.

“That was something that definitely stayed in my mind. It started as a dream, then it turned into a goal and now, five years on, it’s a reality.”

Appco UK’s business model is based on giving self-employed people opportunities to build their own careers. Those who have ambition, drive and an aptitude for sales can progress quite quickly within the contractor network.

Joakim became a company owner within 18 months. He spent three years co-managing a very successful independent marketing company in Guildford (pictured, right, with UK business partner Jon Fremaux) and, in May this year, he was given the chance to help Appco build its business in California.

The move has not been without challenges – getting used to a new culture has sometimes proved as testing as adapting to new methods of business.

“I was running a residential sales office in England, and now I’m running an events office in the US. It’s a different method of selling; instead of speaking to people in their homes, I’m doing organised events to meet members of the public.”

But Joakim says the challenge has also been confidence building because he has seen how much of his UK experience is transferable to American life.

“There are some differences, but you realise that your experience is very valuable, and it’s easy to take with you into any other country.”

As far as life in America goes, Joakim said he had big expectations before arriving, and they had all been exceeded.

“It’s definitely even better than I thought. How well the company has done since I got here is far above my expectations.

“We have 15 field sales people in the office already, which is very positive, and we’re looking to boost that to 20 within the next few weeks.”

Beyond the near future, Joakim is looking no higher than the very top.

“I’m definitely going for the number-one spot in America, running the biggest office here!”

adminAppco UK owner moves Stateside to help build US business
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Appco UK partner endures “hours of pain” to complete stage 19 of Tour de France!

Nicolas Flynn, a business owner in the Appco UK network, has completed L’Etape du Tour, a 142-kilometre stage of the Tour de France, in an impressive 10 hours 27 minutes.

Nicolas, a former semi-professional cyclist, took part in the event on Sunday 19 July to raise funds for terminal illness charity Marie Curie in honour of his friend and former cycling coach James Dorward, who died after a short battle with cancer.

“Towards the end, Jimmy was fortunate to spend his last few weeks in the Springburn Marie Curie Hospice where he was cared for with love and dignity.”

“Riding a stage of the Tour de France has always been an ambition of mine so just to realise that will be something that will remain with me all my life.”

“That combined with raising a huge amount of money for what is a fantastic charity – Marie Curie – made it a mix of emotional and euphoric feelings as I crossed the finish line.”

“Nicolas, director of Celica Marketing in Scotland, trained intensively for the gruelling ride through extremely mountainous terrain, including steep climbs of more than 20 kilometres, from Saint-Jean-De-Maurienne to La Toussuire in south-eastern France.

“I’m not going to lie, it was 10 hours of pain and a constant fight against the voice in my head telling me to give up, but I am so glad I was involved in what is the largest closed road race in the world. It was well worth it.”

So far, Nicolas has raised more than £2,100 for Marie Curie. You can still donate by visiting his Just Giving page.

Visit the Appco UK Facebook page for more photos of Nicolas in action at L’Etape du Tour.

adminAppco UK partner endures “hours of pain” to complete stage 19 of Tour de France!
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Seize the opportunities, says Appco USA Sales Manager

As a field representative in the UK Dan Thomson once thought becoming a marketing company owner was an unattainable goal. But eight years later, as Appco USA Sales Manager, he is able to draw on his first-hand experience to encourage people to put fear of failure aside and seize their opportunities.

Before joining the business in 2007, I had worked as a plumber, at an insurance company and in a bar in the UK.

I thought sales would come naturally to me, but found there was a fair bit to learn – and that learning from others was key.

I spent a day with one of the high performers in my team and just copied everything: the professional way they presented themselves, how they engaged with and listened to people, their tone of voice, absolutely everything.

Then on my fourth day, I signed up six new donors for the charity I was representing!

This taught me early on the importance of modelling yourself on successful people who work hard and conduct themselves with absolute professionalism.

I used to think that owning my own business was unattainable because I wasn’t as confident as the owner of the company I was contracted to in the UK.

But I also knew I was hard working and had ambition, desire and discipline.

I realised that the only thing that separated me from higher positions was experience, and that inspired me to apply myself each day.

As I’ve progressed I’ve definitely seen the rewards. The first thing I saved up to buy was the car I’ve always wanted, and I’ve also been very fortunate to have travelled all over the world in my career. Starting off in the UK, I’ve visited Spain, Holland, Brazil, Germany, Belgium and Australia, and I now live in the USA. Along the way, in 2013, I also fulfilled a lifelong goal to climb Kilimanjaro.

My advice to everyone is live for now. Fear of success and failure will always hold you back so take every opportunity that comes your way.

Appco Group USA is part of the global Appco Group organisation. Appco USA opened in 2010 and is committed to delivering excellence to our commercial clients and charity partners by providing them with thousands of new customers and long-term donors. We do this by speaking directly to people in their homes, places of work or at events.

adminSeize the opportunities, says Appco USA Sales Manager
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Cobra Group sponsors Royal Navy Medical Memorial charity cycling expedition

Cobra Group has sponsored a 300-mile charity bike ride to raise money for a Royal Navy Medical Service Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum.

Cobra Group – of which Appco Group is a subsidiary – sponsored Lt Steven Telford Royal Navy on a three-day, 300-mile charity bike ride to raise money to build a Royal Navy Medical Service Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum.

The mission fits perfectly with Cobra’s Be Something More initiative, which supports those who strive to do more for individuals and communities.

Lt Telford – brother of Appco Group Vice President and Director of Appco Group Polska Alan Telford –managed to persuade a handful of his colleagues to join him on a route that took them from Plymouth to Lands End, north towards Barnstaple, followed by a short hop across the width of the Devon/Cornwall border before returning to Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth for tea and cake!

Cobra Group donated £1,000 and provided some of the cycling kit. But the team couldn’t do the ride itself without support on the ground and Steven knew there was only one person who would fit the job description. He picked up the phone and called his brother Alan.

Steven remembers his pitch to Alan going something like: “How do you fancy driving our vehicle for a couple of days, mate? Nothing too tense, take in the West Country scenery and stay in a few military establishments? Should be a laugh.”

What his big brother didn’t tell him was that they would be on the move before 6 o’clock every morning and sustaining themselves on military rations!

“It wasn’t quite the Raddison, and perhaps a bit of a shock to Alan’s system,” Steven admits. “And that’s before we get onto the subject of mobile phone and WiFi coverage in Devon and Cornwall!”

“Needless to say, despite Alan’s limited military experience, he slotted in easily – although he did need a translator for some of the Royal Navy jargon (known as Jack Speak).

“On behalf of the cycling team – Steve, Scott, Andy, Janny and Dan – I would like to thank Alan and all those at Cobra for their efforts in supporting this expedition.

“The memorial will stir emotions among us all when it is unveiled at the National Memorial Arboretum 2016.  Without the support of Alan and Cobra this wouldn’t have been possible.”

adminCobra Group sponsors Royal Navy Medical Memorial charity cycling expedition
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