The economics of charity fundraising, by Dan Pallota

In this must-read article in Harvard Business Review, humanitarian and non-profit expert Dan Pallotta explains exactly why the way the media reports profit and revenue of fundraising channels is completely misleading and inaccurate.

He also highlights the true value and ROI of fundraising channels such as telemarketing.

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Watch his TED talk on “The way we think about charity is dead wrong”

adminThe economics of charity fundraising, by Dan Pallota
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Monthly Giving highlights why face-to-face fundraising works for charities

A powerful article on Monthly Giving website highlights why face-to-face fundraising works for charities.

The article explains why face-to-face fundraising is often a more effective method of fundraising for charities than a letter, phone call, or ads on TV, billboards, radio or online – all of which are easy to overlook – because face-to-face engages people in conversations about the cause and every donation is quantifiable.

The article also highlights the significant returns on investment charities gain from face-to-face and debunks the common myths and misconceptions around the method, including how much charities “should” spend on running costs.

This supports the recent TED talk by Juanita Wheeler, in which she explains why charities need to invest in the long-term to achieve their goals and support their causes.

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adminMonthly Giving highlights why face-to-face fundraising works for charities
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Appco India signs thousands of new donors for Plan India

Fundraisers working with Appco Group India have signed up thousands of donors for charity partner Plan India, since January 2014.

With the support of these new donors, the charity has been able to help more disadvantaged children receive a basic education, access better healthcareand to live in a healthy, safe environment.

Plan’s partnership with Appco India spans more than five years and Appco’s presence in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Jaipur has helped the charity connnect with a wider network of potential donors.

Plan India currently works in 13 states in India and has impacted the lives of over a million children.

adminAppco India signs thousands of new donors for Plan India
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Appco España receives praise for “great professionalism” from Medicos del Mundo

Medicos del Mundo (MDM) has praised Appco Group España and the face-to-face fundraisers in its network for their “professionalism” and “expert knowledge”.

“It has been a very positive year,” said Susana Atienza, Head of Fundraising for MDM. “From the outset, everyone involved has shown great professionalism and demonstrated expert knowledge about the processes and techniques of securing regular-giving donors.”

Thanks to the regular-giving donors secured by fundraisers working with Appco España, MDM can continue to develop more than 50 projects in 20 countries, helping to ensure, among other things, the prevention of AIDS in newborns.

“Appco Group España’s dedication in coaching fundraising teams has been truly valuable for us as, throughout 2014,” added Ms Atienza. “We have been able to respond quickly to emergencies, such as the conflict in Gaza and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, where we’re continuing to work.”

The comments were received as MDM and Appco Group España celebrated their one-year anniversary of working together.

MDM is a non-governmental organisation, which provides access to health care for victims of war and natural disasters.

adminAppco España receives praise for “great professionalism” from Medicos del Mundo
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Fundraisers make the difference between sight and blindness, says Sightsavers

Fundraisers working with Appco Group Sweden are helping more people to see with every new donor they confirm, said Sightsavers’ Head of Market Development James Huitson.

In a speech at the Appco Group Sweden Rally 2014, James explained the significance of every regular-giving donor acquired by face-to-face fundraisers and the rewarding nature of the job.

“Every time you get a signature on that piece of paper, you’re helping somebody to see – and what a thing to have done [during] your day at work,” said James. “People go through their whole career without doing anything as exciting, [or] anything as important as that.

“At the end of the day, you can go home and you can tell your girlfriend, you can tell your mother, you can talk to your children, and [when] they [ask you], ‘What did you do today?’ you can say, ‘I helped a blind person to see.’ How cool is that? So thank you for the work this year and… thank you for everything.”

Watch James Huitson’s speech.

adminFundraisers make the difference between sight and blindness, says Sightsavers
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Appco Netherlands rank is on Inc. 5000 Europe list

Appco Group Sales, the face-to-face arm of Appco Group Nederland, has appeared in Inc. magazine’s first annual 5000 Europe listing.

The list ranks the fastest growing privately held companies in Europe, with Appco Group Sales ranking at 317.

In an official letter from Inc. magazine, a spokesperson said: “On behalf of Inc., I am delighted to inform you that Appco Group Sales has earned the position of 317 on the 2015 Inc. 5000 Europe [list]… Considering the millions of private companies operating throughout Europe, being listed on the Inc. 5000 Europe is a significant achievement.

“Congratulations to you and your team. You should be proud of all Appco Group Sales has achieved to date. I wish you many more years of success.”

The list features a group of businesses, which have rapidly grown over the past three years. To make the top 5000, a company had to have achieved a three-year growth of 878%.

adminAppco Netherlands rank is on Inc. 5000 Europe list
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Appco Group Home Efficiency does more than ‘just’ reduce customer’s energy bills

Pete Carson, General Manager – Appco Group UK Home Efficiency, looks at the positive impact the division has for energy customers, clients and the environment.

More than £14m cut from UK homeowners’ energy bills in 2014 is an incredible headline stat, but this only scratches the surface of Appco Group Home Efficiency’s impact on the energy efficiency industry, government carbon reduction obligations and of course, the communities.

This figure highlights the fantastic reduction in the cost of living our customers will benefit from in the first year. What it doesn’t tell us is that this isn’t just a one-off saving. Our customers will gain the benefit of this cost reduction year after year.

Cavity wall insulation, for example, comes with a 25-year guarantee. Over this period, customers stand to save up to £350m on their energy bills! I am very proud that the Appco Group network has helped our clients’ customers to realise actual savings, over a sustained period of time – and, commonly, with no upfront cost.

Read Pete Carson’s blog in full here.

adminAppco Group Home Efficiency does more than ‘just’ reduce customer’s energy bills
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Fundraisers to gain first-hand experience in Kenya 

Two top-performing fundraisers have been invited to Kenya by World Vision to witness first-hand the work the charity does, and how communities benefit from regular donations secured through door-to-door fundraising.

Jermaine Thompson and Natalie Chapman were hand-picked by World Vision – one of AGS Global Fundraising Services’ charity partners – because of their passion for, and outstanding commitment to, raising funds for the charity.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the difference World Vision makes to the communities in Kenya and I’m excited to meet the sponsored children, to see the difference that we have made and to see the long-term change in their communities,” said Natalie.

“This trip will also benefit us when we’re speaking to potential donors, as we can describe from first-hand experience the difference World Vision makes and how regular donations can help to make a long-term change to a whole community.”

Jermaine added: “I’m looking forward to meeting the locals in the communities and seeing how the donations have helped them. The experience is unique and I’m sure it will provide a number of new tools I can draw on and share with my peers.”

Richard Lawrence, National Manager, Face to Face & Telemarketing, World Vision UK said: “AGS Global Fundraising Services (AGS GFS) is our trusted partner in recruiting new long-term donors for World Vision.

“Every day the fundraisers working with AGS GFS tell inspiring stories to move people to sponsor a child. Thanks to AGS Global Fundraising Services thousands of children are sponsored every year, allowing World Vision to bring real hope to the world’s poorest children.”

adminFundraisers to gain first-hand experience in Kenya 

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Appco celebrates 2014 achievements at Convention event

Appco Group Australia celebrated its affiliates’ achievements in business and sales at its flagship event last Saturday.

More than 1,200 people from across Australia, along with international guests from four countries, attended the event of the year to recognise the achievements of people from across Australia’s sales and marketing network.

Along with sales awards, delegates were recognised for outstanding performance in leadership and business acumen.

The prestigious Marketing Company of the Year award was won by newly advanced Organisational Head, Ben Lyon, for his company Playfair and Co (pictured).

Appco Group Founder and Chairman, Chris Niarchos, thanked the attendees for contributing to the ongoing success of Appco Group Australia:

“The level of opportunity and growth we see in Australia is unparalleled; this is thanks to the commitment and dedication of those here today,” he said.

“The difference we’re making across many areas and industries for our clients is further proof of the incredible work you all do on a daily basis.”

The 2015 Australian Convention was held at The Star Convention Centre in Sydney on 14 March.

adminAppco celebrates 2014 achievements at Convention event
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Extra energy option now available to Greek citizens

Greek citizens now have the option of a second electricity supplier, giving them access to discounted energy bills.

Appco Hellas is working with energy company WATT+VOLT, to promote the new option to homeowners, who can now take advantage of the cheapest deals on the market.

Field sales representatives working with Appco Hellas have helped more than 4,700 homeowners switch energy supplier since the end of 2013.

WATT+VOLT is the first company to use smart meters in the Greek energy market.

adminExtra energy option now available to Greek citizens
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