Touching video from Zane Conroy thanks Appco for support

Zane Conroy has posted a heart-felt message of gratitude, thanking Appco Group for helping him to walk again using an exoskeleton device.

Appco Group sponsored a 4,000km Coast 2 Coast charity cycle, which took place in Australia in 2014 to raise money for Zane, who was left paralysed after a freak diving accident in 2010.

“I wanted to personally thank you all very much [as your donations have provided me with] the opportunity to walk in the exoskeleton,” said Zane. “I can feel my bones getting stronger and I can feel all round that I’m just getting fitter and healthier.

“I really couldn’t have done it without you guys [Appco Group] and the help of every single dollar and cent that contributed to the Coast 2 Coast cycle ride. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart – Chris, Glendon and everybody at Appco, thank you so very much.”

Zane has a weekly session using the exoskeleton device and is now able to walk 550 steps.

Watch his thank-you video message here.

adminTouching video from Zane Conroy thanks Appco for support
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Appco breaks donor record for charity clients

Appco Group Australia has broken its yearly record in 2014, signing up over 171,000 donors on behalf of its non-profit clients.

Appco’s support division, AGS Global Fundraising Services, has broken the previous record of 154,000 on behalf of 12 prestigious charity partners, covering services such as cancer research and rehabilitation, environmental sustainability and protection, heart disease research and surf lifesaving.

Appco Group Vice President, Spencer Galbally attributes this success to a contracted network of affiliate marketing companies in Australia.

“We have reached a fantastic milestone with this new record,” he said.

“It wouldn’t be possible without our wider network: those dedicated fundraisers doing their part to professionally represent our clients’ brands to the Australian public.”

“We thank them for their dedication to a range of great causes, and look forward to an even bigger and better 2015.”

Visit the AGS Global Fundraising Services website for more information on the division, its services and global reach.

adminAppco breaks donor record for charity clients
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81,000+ UK homes receive healthy food boxes in 2014

More than 81,400 boxes of fresh fruit, vegetables and bespoke recipes were delivered to households across the UK throughout 2014 thanks to Appco Group UK Home Delivery.

Field sales representatives working with Appco have dramatically increased sales for the division’s organic food supplier partners, signing up customers on the doorstep across the country for the food delivery service.

“I’m so proud of the field sales representatives working with Appco Group in achieving this amazing result,” said Lawrence Lenzi, Product Head of Home Delivery.

“To think we have helped to deliver more than 81,000 boxes across the UK is incredible. It’s a fantastic achievement and a record I hope we can break in 2015.

“We’ve already had a hugely successful start to 2015 – you could definitely say we are on a real roll. It looks set to be a big year for Home Delivery and everyone who is lucky enough to be involved with the division.”

admin81,000+ UK homes receive healthy food boxes in 2014
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Thousands of NZ homeowners have cheaper electricity bills

Appco Group New Zealand has helped to reduce homeowners’ electricity bills by encouraging them to install LED light bulbs, which lower power consumption.

More than 13,000 LED light bulbs were installed throughout 2014, which are expected to save households collectively up to $5,000,000 over their 15-year lifetime and 970,000 Kw/H of electricity per year.

adminThousands of NZ homeowners have cheaper electricity bills
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The difference between leadership and management

In a two-part blog series, Appco Group UK Senior Call Centre Manager Glendon Evarts explores the difference between leadership and management, and the importance of developing your team’s potential.

First things first – let’s distinguish between leadership and management. The two are different, yet work hand in hand, and to be effective, you need a good balance of both.

In my opinion, team management is a process. As managers, we understand what our end goal is, we put processes in place and we make sure our teams have the tools they need to succeed. Just because this set-up is in place, doesn’t mean you have built the culture or the work ethic to execute the process efficiently. Welcome to the world of leadership.

As a passionate leader, I know that having the perfect process is just one element of successfully leading a team. The biggest challenge is maintaining a motivated and inspired team – a team that will execute your process to such a level that it exceeds all expectation. When times are tough and the workload is overwhelming, it can be easy to rely on management over leadership.

Read Glendon Evarts’ blog in full here.

adminThe difference between leadership and management
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New Zealanders could save 7 million litres of water using FW1

New Zealanders could have saved up to 7 million litres of water through sales of FW1 waterless car wash and wax products.

Independent contractors (field sales representatives) working with Appco Group New Zealand sold more than 15,600 cans of FW1 throughout 2014 by demonstrating how the products work at special events.

Washing a car with a running hose can use up to 400 litres of water per wash, but FW1 is a specially designed product which doesn’t need water and leaves a high-quality polished finish.

FW1 will clean a car approximately three times per can.

adminNew Zealanders could save 7 million litres of water using FW1
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Sports charities received almost $900,000 in donations in 2014

Appco Group Sports New Zealand helped to secure almost $900,000 in donations for its sports charity partners throughout 2014.

Donations were raised through products promoting the charities’ causes such as pendants, key rings, pins and wristbands via face-to-face marketing at events venues.

Adam Wakeford, President of Wheelblacks said: “Since forming the partnership [with Appco Group New Zealand] we’ve had nothing but praise for everything they do – from communication at the top, through to the way their people on the ground conduct themselves. It’s been a great match and a pleasure to be associated with Appco Group Sports.”

Funds secured by Appco Group Sports support some of the country’s top athletes by helping to cover equipment and, travel and accommodation costs for competitions at local and international levels.

adminSports charities received almost $900,000 in donations in 2014
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African farmers benefit from new trees thanks to Appco Sweden

Appco Group Sweden is recruiting donors to support small-scale farmers in the Lake Victoria Basin area in Eastern Africa through a partnership with Vi Agroforestry.

Fundraisers working with Appco Group Sweden have been working with Vi Agroforestry since October 2014 to recruit new regular donors and to increase awareness in Sweden of the non-governmental organisation’s work.

“We are very pleased with Appco’s effort,” says Anna-Maria Broman Ek, Fundraising Manager, Vi Agroforestry. “We have received many new donors who support us regularly, while a large number of people have learned more about our important work to reduce hunger and poverty in East Africa.

“We look forward to continue our partnership and to increase the number of donors who want to make a difference around Lake Victoria.”

For more information, visit Vi Agroforestry’s website:

adminAfrican farmers benefit from new trees thanks to Appco Sweden
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Face-to-face fundraisers make “massive difference” to Erskine’s veterans

AGS Global Fundraising Services has received a massive thank you from charity client Erskine for helping them raise £2,440,507 in their 2014 campaign.

“We consider the fundraisers part of the Erskine family and are so proud of each of them,” said Sara Bannerman, Head of Fundraising, Erskine.

“Their enthusiasm is truly remarkable and we couldn’t have wished for a more professional group of people to be out there day after day, recruiting long-term supporters for Erskine. You make a massive difference to Erskine’s veterans for which every veteran is extremely grateful.”

Erskine has been looking after veterans for almost 100 years and is the leading care organisation for ex-service men and women in Scotland.

adminFace-to-face fundraisers make “massive difference” to Erskine’s veterans
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Appco helps Zane Conroy take first steps in five years

Thanks to donations raised by Appco Group, Zane Conroy was able to stand on his own two feet again after being confined to a wheelchair for five years.

Zane, who was left paralysed after a freak diving accident in 2010, was able to take his first steps using an exoskeleton device, which costs AUS$95 an hour to use.

Donations from Appco Group have helped to fund Zane’s sessions to use the exoskeleton device.

In 2014, Appco Group sponsored a 4,000km Coast 2 Coast 2014 charity cycle, which took place in Australia to raise money for Zane’s care and medical costs.

Zane described the moment when his dream of walking again became a reality.

“I could feel the amazing thrill of weight going through my hips and my knees and my ankles,” he said in an exclusive interview for the Australian Daily Telegraph. “For me to take steps with the machine five years after the event is like a dream come true.”

Appco Group UK Senior Call Centre Manager Glendon Evarts is a close friend of Zane’s and has played a lead role in promoting the fundraising for him.

Glendon said: “Zane’s exoskeleton sessions have proven to be better than any physiotherapy sessions he has received in the last five years. Put aside it’s the first time he has walked since his accident.

“The whole situation is amazing, and it’s all thanks to Appco and the support provided for the Coast 2 Coast fundraiser. This literally would not have happened without Appco.”

adminAppco helps Zane Conroy take first steps in five years
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