Business owner praises Appco ‘business academy’

Marketing company owner Kittisak (Bomb) Wujchalapong says being affiliated with Appco Group Asia is like being part of a business academy, hailing the relationship as key to his professional success.

After graduating in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in information and communication engineering, Bomb made an unexpected choice when he moved away from the focus of his formal education to instead work in direct sales.

His brother, who was already working in sales and had started his own company, took him along to an Appco-led meeting for business owners in Singapore, which proved to be an eye-opening experience for Bomb.

“When my brother talked about his work he got my attention,” Bomb says.

“I wondered how he’d been able to launch his own business after such a short period of time, and in Singapore I began to see just how great the opportunities were. After that trip, I decided to give the business a go.”

Bomb’s decision surprised a number of people, but the advantages of self-employment made taking the chance worth it.

“Unlike your usual nine-to-five job, direct sales allowed me the flexibility to work where I wanted, when I wanted. It also gave me financial freedom in that what I earned was in my hands – the harder I worked the more I could benefit,” Bomb says.

“Ultimately, that is what has driven me in this business and made me who I am today.”

Being surrounded by other people who had succeeded in the industry and taking advice from them, he quickly progressed, becoming a branch owner within 18 months.
Just two years after starting his sales career, Bomb hit another major milestone when he launched his own marketing company, Singular Group Company, which contracts to Appco Group Asia.

“For me, being an affiliated marketing company to Appco has been like being part of a business academy that teaches you how to run your own company.”
“It has enabled me to create my own path, and find my own way to success. The company allows people to start from scratch, and provides proper guidance and a system that can help them become business owners.”

However, while he might have reached his original goal, Bomb says he sees nothing but more opportunities in front of him.

“As an owner, I have realised that this is not the end, but actually the beginning of my business journey. As well as continuing to build my company, there are so many more ways for me to develop.”

And Bomb says it doesn’t just apply to his professional life, noting that his work over the past six years has changed him for the better on a personal level as well.
“My communication and social skills have improved in ways you could never imagine.
“My advice to independent contractors or anyone interested in joining the business is to make the move. If you are passionate about having your own business, and being your own boss, this business is for you.”

adminBusiness owner praises Appco ‘business academy’
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