Entrepreneurs celebrate sales success throughout Asia

Budding entrepreneurs came together for award ceremonies across Asia to celebrate their achievements in the sales and marketing industry.

The events were hosted in Hong Kong, Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand between November 16 and 27, and were attended by more than 2,300 Brand Ambassadors and other guests.

Each convention had its own unique style and features, from Manila’s glamorous black-and-white ceremony to Hong Kong’s lucky-draw prizes of iPhones, buffet dinners and travel vouchers.

However, the running theme of success was constant throughout the region, with new business owners, sales records and business progress the main points of focus at each event.

As well as an opportunity to mark the memorable events of 2016, the conventions were also a learning and networking experience for Brand Ambassadors across the region.

Those who attended the Bangkok event heard from country head Wong Chee Wai, who spoke about the incredible growth the industry has experienced in Thailand over the previous year, while delegates at the Seoul convention heard from a variety of South Korean business leaders including its country head Yong Kim in panel discussions.

The celebrations were centred on current successes, but also served as inspiration for the future, as speakers emphasised the need for the achievements to be carried forward and for delegates to aim even higher for 2017.

adminEntrepreneurs celebrate sales success throughout Asia
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A great company culture will endure anything

James Greaves, executive director and vice president of Appco Group Asia shares his views and insights with The Star Malaysia. Your core values are the cement that will hold your company together during rough times. “A company’s core values must constantly be promoted and refreshed in everybody’s mind”, says Greaves.
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adminA great company culture will endure anything
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Uncover the Secrets to Sales Success

Are you struggling to hit your sales targets? Looking to double your revenue? Or even toying with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur?
Four keynote speakers, all highly successful entrepreneurs, will reveal the secrets that have propelled them to the top of their profession at Impact Training Asia’s ‘Sales Secrets’ event, which will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 24 September.
You’ll be hearing from Dato’ James Iskandar Ja’afar Greaves, who built the largest face-to-face marketing agency in Asia and Wong Chee Wai, an inspirational entrepreneur, public speaker and investor who runs several multi-million dollar businesses. Vishnu Annapareddy and Terrence Tey have between them launched 28 businesses.
Boost your sales
Passionate about personal development, coaching, mentoring and upskilling, they believe that leaders not only need to motivate but also encourage a culture of continuous feedback and praise.
With hard work we can all become successful entrepreneurs. And with some tried and tested techniques, you too can set measurable and achievable goals to help boost your sales.
Make sure you book your seat for this sales masterclass – places are filling up fast.

adminUncover the Secrets to Sales Success
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Students LEAD by example in Malaysia

The LEAD Malaysia ‘Student Leadership Convention’ held at the University of Malaysia’s main campus in Kuala Lumpur proved a huge hit for both speakers and students alike.
The three-day event (11-14 August), which was attended by around 130-140 specially selected students – both graduates and postgraduates from different colleges and universities in Malaysia – focused on real world leadership challenges and holistic career development.
Taking the lead in career development
Vishnu Annapareddy of Centurion Organisation, a partner to Appco Group Asia, comments, “It was a huge honour for me to speak about leadership in 2016 to our leaders of the future. We held an interactive Q&A session at the end, which gave us an opportunity to speak about what we do at Appco Group Asia.”
The students benefited from a number of talks on career development and counselling. The former Malaysian professional footballer turned TV sports broadcaster, Sergebeth ‘Shebby’ Singh, was guest of honour.
“I have lot of respect for students taking the initiative to organise such informative talks. It shows a real desire to get ahead in their careers,” adds Annapareddy.

adminStudents LEAD by example in Malaysia
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Presidential presence at Philippine HR Congress

Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, was a guest of honour at the 10th Philippine HR Congress, which took place at the SMX Convention Center in Manila from August 17-18.
Over 1,300 people, including many senior executives ranging from CEOs and COOs to HR managers and business executives, attended the two-day event. The theme of the conference was ‘Success essentials of people management’.
Vishnu Annapareddy of Centurion Organisation, a partner to Appco Group Asia, was among the speakers invited to the prestigious gathering. “It was a great honour to be invited by the event organiser, Ariva Academy, to talk about leadership and emotional intelligence for HR managers,” he says.
Empowering and educating HR
Building your company brand, government policies in employment and people management were just some of the other topics covered by well-renowned entrepreneurs, thought leaders, doctors and innovators, such as Dr. Jaclyn Lee, Tom Oliver, Liza Pavlakos and Dan Meyer.
“HR Managers are the backbone of any growing organisation. I would like to congratulate Ariva Academy for organising this huge event and empowering HR teams with such important industry insight,” continues Annapareddy, who conducts face-to-face sales and fundraising for Appco Group’s clients in both Malaysia and the Philippines.

adminPresidential presence at Philippine HR Congress
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Singapore Heart Foundation praises owner in Appco network

The Singapore Heart Foundation has praised the efforts of a marketing company owner within Appco’s network whose positive attitude was noted by a member of the public.
In a letter of recognition to the foundation, Wong Yeow Chong said he was stopped by Jeric Koh, the owner of Eden Cube Marketing who was representing the charity, and was so impressed by his politeness he wanted to acknowledge it.
Mr Chong was initially on his way to an appointment and was in a hurry, so didn’t stop, but Jeric remembered him when he came past again a few hours later and the pair began to talk.
“He also was very articulate and interested to know about me and where I was coming from. I would like to recognise his sincerity and passion.”
He also wrote about Jeric’s genuineness, saying it was clear he believed in the charity and the people it was trying to support.
The Singapore Heart Foundation welcomed the feedback, and praised Jeric for creating such a positive donor experience.
“We sincerely appreciate his role in the success and hope that he will keep up the good work in the future also. Thank you for giving Singapore Heart Foundation your best.”
Jeric said hearing about donor satisfaction was a big motivator, and a reminder of how important creating a positive donor experience was.
“It is what people will remember and it reflects heavily on the entire organisation. It assures me that all the hard work I put in for heart patients is worth it.”
As far as his passion for the charity went, Jeric said it was completely sincere.
“As Steve Jobs said: ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do.’”

adminSingapore Heart Foundation praises owner in Appco network
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Appco Asia head joins international sales summit

Appco organisational and country head for The Philippines Vishnu Annapareddy recently took part in a major international sales conference, introducing Appco and outlining the company’s vision to hundreds of delegates.
More than 500 people took part in last month’s Philippines Mid-Year Sales Conference at AIMS conference centre.
Vishnu, who got his start in the sales and marketing industry as a 20-year-old in Australia, delivered a presentation entitled “Three power components of successful selling”, and was pleased to receive extremely positive feedback afterwards.
“After the talk, a lot of delegates came to take pictures with me and said I’d offered simple, but powerful ideas on improving personal selling capability,” he said.
While the event was a sales conference aimed at providing mentorship for professionals, delegates from a variety of other sectors also attended, offering a unique chance for networking.
“I was amazed to see how many people from different backgrounds were interested to hear about sales,” Vishnu said.
“This shows that sales is a vital skill for both business and personal progression. It was an excellent networking opportunity and to spend time with other business owners and professionals.”

adminAppco Asia head joins international sales summit
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Entrepreneurs get networking opportunity at Bali event

Thirty delegates from across Appco Group Asia’s marketing company network met recently for an invitation-only networking event in Bali to share their business knowledge and learn from the success of others.
The event in Seminyak was designed to inspire and motivate as attendees heard from a select group of senior business owner’s about their ideas, challenges and solutions.
Workshops covering various topics and gave delegates a chance to ask questions, source advice and create connections to assist them in the future.
Chung Dae In, a senior team leader contracted to Appco Korea, said the event was inspiring.
“It was an opportunity for me to mix with successful owners across the Asia network, and also helped me to expand my horizons as far as seeing what can be achieved.”
A boat trip following the workshops offered delegates some fun and relaxation, and a chance to build key business connections in a social setting.
“It was an invaluable chance to learn how to get to the next level and grow my business,” said Song Byung Keun, assistant owner for a marketing company contracted by Appco Korea.
Dennis Ng of Absolute Organisation, an Appco-contracted marketing company in Singapore, said the event provided a combined learning and networking experience with the “cream of the crop” of successful business owners.
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adminEntrepreneurs get networking opportunity at Bali event
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Appco Group Asia’s newest organisational head

Six years after joining the Appco network as an independent contractor in Australia, Kim Yong has been promoted to organisational head.
His new position was announced by Appco Group Asia executive director and vice president James Greaves at the company’s recent rest and relaxation event in Thailand.
“Yong’s success so far has been incredible to watch. His hard work, focus, intelligence and big-thinking mentality has carried him further and faster than almost anyone else I’ve ever seen in our business,” James said.
“He is a true inspiration and, on behalf of all of us at Appco Group Asia, I’d like to congratulate him on his promotion to organisational head.”
Yong began his career in 2010, when he arrived in Australia as a 22-year-old backpacker on a working holiday programme from South Korea. He was looking for a way to earn money and improve his English, and the face-to-face sales business proved to be a seamless match to achieve both goals.
He progressed quickly and after 18 months went to Japan to learn from the team there, subsequently opening Appco Korea in Seoul.
“I feel proud when I look back at where I started and what I have achieved,” Yong said upon receiving his promotion.
“I realise that this is as a result of having the support and encouragement of so many people around me.”
Yong’s latest achievement has been praised across Appco’s international network, with founder and chairman Chris Niarchos among many to offer congratulations.
“This is an amazing milestone as it signifies not only Yong’s own achievements, he has now assisted four others in becoming business owners,” Chis said.
“From Yong’s early start in Sydney, he clearly stood out as someone who was focused on improving his life and the lives of those around him.”
Appco vice president Tony Fernandez noted Yong’s hardworking, honest and respectful attitude.
“He has an insatiable appetite to be better by learning, experiencing and implementing. Congratulations boss man.”
Appco vice president, Taras Koochin, said Yong had stood out from the crowd since the day they met.
“He puts his heart and soul into every project, but I never knew what kind of a leader he would become until he faced some real adversity.”
“It was the challenges of making difficult choices that showed that Yong was someone who would lead with integrity and would never allow his values to be compromised.”
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adminAppco Group Asia’s newest organisational head
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Appco Korea gets international business award

Appco Korea’s outstanding customer service skills have been recognised at the Stevie Awards in Australia.

The company received the Bronze Award for Innovation in Customer Service Management, Planning and Practice at the awards in Sydney last month.
Appco Korea part of Appco Group Asia was honoured specifically for its unique business model, under which it directly manages relationships with clients, and separately contracts independent marketing companies to provide teams of self-employed contractors who represent those clients.

The Stevie Awards are the world’s leading business awards, running internationally for 14 years, and Appco vice president Spencer Galbally said he was honoured to accept the trophy on the company’s behalf.

“The awards were a who’s who of business in the Asia Pacific region and it was a pleasure to be able to represent Appco,” he said.
Kim Yong, organisational and country head Appco Korea said the accolade reflected the team efforts and hard work that went into the business.
“We are proud that we have created the systems and culture that help people develop their careers”.

“This award has given us all great encouragement, and we will continue to strive to make this a better company together.”
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adminAppco Korea gets international business award
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