BMDP tells heartwarming tales of blood illness survivors

Fundraisers within the Appco Group Singapore network took part in an exhibition by Appco client, the Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP) to help raise awareness of the charity and its life-saving work by telling the amazing stories of both blood cancer survivors and the donors who helped them.

In Singapore, six people are diagnosed each day with blood illnesses that cannot be cured by medication and the BMDP’s mission is to encourage anyone, between 18 – 49 in good health, to sign up as a potential bone marrow donor.

‘What’s Your Story?’, the exhibition, showed people how donor transplants save lives, promoting the fact that registering as a donor is fast and easy and prompted attendees to swab their using the BMDP’s free cheek swab / DNA collection kits.

Having worked with Appco since 2013, BMDP says the group has played an important role in promoting the charity’s work.

“Appco are truly part of our team – extending our reach and voice into the community with energy and commitment,” BMDP President Jane Prior said.

Through Appco’s fundraising efforts, BMDP has been able to grow the register by another 22,000 donors in the past two years and also to assist in funding the costs of a transplant for Singaporean patients.

adminBMDP tells heartwarming tales of blood illness survivors
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Domino’s Pizza rolls out kids’ cooking programme

Domino’s Pizza Singapore officially launched its Little Pizza Chef programme to provide children with a fun-yet-educational cooking experience.
The pizza chain works hand in hand with the Appco Lifestyle division to launch various customer-acquisition campaigns and promotions. To date, Appco has sold more than 27,000 Domino’s Pizza cards and coupons through face-to-face sales and marketing.
Apart from the interactive pizza kitchen tour and games, the Little Pizza Chef programme teaches children how to bake their own hand-made pizzas. The 90-minute programme is available in several Domino’s Pizza locations, including Bukit Timah, Killiney, and Tanjong Katong.
Visit Domino’s Pizza’s official website for more information and exclusive offers.

adminDomino’s Pizza rolls out kids’ cooking programme
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FW1 helps Singaporeans conserve water

As levels at Johor’s Linggiu Reservoir reach record lows, Appco Group Singapore’s FW1 waterless car wash and wax products are helping Singaporeans conserve water.

Washing a car typically takes 230 litres of water, but using FW1 products, Singaporeans have been able to keep their vehicles clean without using a drop.

The products’ innovative formula allows people to remove dirt and grime from their cars’ exterior without any water.

FW1 works with Appco Group Prosales, which gives consumers the opportunity to buy products directly, circumventing the need for retail.

Through Appco’s Human Commercial™ marketing method, highly trained field representatives are able to engage customers with their product knowledge and personalised demonstrations of FW1 products.

Since December 2011, Appco Group Singapore has sold more than 150,000 cans of FW1.

adminFW1 helps Singaporeans conserve water
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UNICEF introduces joy of reading to children in remote areas

UNICEF Thailand recognises the fact that only six out of ten children in Thailand have access to books and came up with the idea of a mobile library.

Appco Group Thailand is one of the groups that assist UNICEF in its aim to make children experience the joy of reading. Since August 2007, the group has introduced more than 116,000 donors to UNICEF Thailand.

Currently, there are three mobile libraries with over 1,200 books bringing joy to 33 UNICEF-supported public schools in remote areas of Mae Hong Son province.

A part of Appco’s core values is exhibiting passion to the cause the group is partnered with. When they’re in the field, field representatives within the Appco network know that the key to leaving legacies is by pairing enthusiasm with integrity.

According to Bijaya Rajbhandari, Representative of UNICEF Thailand: “All children should have the opportunity to access interesting, age appropriate, and inspiring books to nurture their creativity, language ability, and promote social interaction. But there are too many children in Thailand growing up without this opportunity. As a result, they lack the reading skills they need to survive and develop to their full potential.”

Visit UNICEF Thailand’s official website to learn more about their mission to enrich young learners.

adminUNICEF introduces joy of reading to children in remote areas
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Indonesian Heart Foundation promotes nutrition on World Heart Day

Indonesian Heart Foundation, a long-time partner of Appco Group Indonesia, celebrated World Heart Day 2015 with a meaningful ‘Food for the Heart’ activity in Senayan, Jakarta.

The charity is known locally as ‘Yayasan Jantung Indonesia (YJI)’ is the country’s pioneer organisation when it comes to the promotion of heart health.

The Food for the Heart event aimed to educate people on how nutritional balance and regular exercise could prevent cardiovascular diseases, and included demonstration of exercise routines for various ages. There were also sessions on how to use the YJI Basic Life Support (CPR), free health checks, cooking demonstrations and food tasting.

Appco Group Indonesia has partnered with YJI since 2006, and not only raises funds for the charity, but also contributes to the charity’s healthy lifestyle campaign. Its fundraising ambassadors consistently acquire committed donors whose assistance sustains YJI’s pursuits. To date, Appco has raised IDR54billion (US$3.9million) for the foundation.

“Since June 2006, we have collaborated with Appco Group Indonesia, an international direct marketing company to raise funds. We feel the partnership that has been established with Appco Group Indonesia is beneficial and has really helped increase vital donations for our programmes,” said YJI Vice President Mia Hanafiah.

While the non-profit group’s primary mission is to inform the public, YJI also helps financially challenged individuals obtain life-saving heart operations.
To find out more about the charity’s mission, please visit its official website.

adminIndonesian Heart Foundation promotes nutrition on World Heart Day
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Laurelle spreads Christmas joy with festive perfume deals

With Christmas fast approaching, Appco Group Singapore client Laurelle Parfums has launched a series of special promotions for customers who want to indulge their loved ones with festive scents.
Laurelle offers a wide range of fragrances from private labels across the world. Some of Laurelle’s bestsellers include the City Girl New York Gift Set and the Sexxy-Shoo perfume. Fine fragrances such as the Momentum Gold and Sphere Pour Homme are also available for men.
Appco Singapore only started its partnership with Laurelle in March this year, but has already sold well over 16,000 perfume bottles for the company through its exclusive event sites.
Appco Group Singapore is committed to customer satisfaction and not only aims to sell products, but also provide an exceptional brand experience.
Using the trademarked Human Commercial™, field representatives within the Appco network are able to create an informative and personalized experience for every customer. The professional field representatives also undergo regular product training to ensure that their knowledge reflect Laurelle’s vision and standards.

adminLaurelle spreads Christmas joy with festive perfume deals
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In The Spotlight: Terrence Tey

How did you get started in the business?
I needed a breakthrough in my career and a platform to pursue goals that were very dear to me. They were to provide the best lifestyle for my family – my family is my life and the strongest drive for me to take this step – and having the financial liberty to make any dream purchase I wanted.

What has your journey within the business been like so far?
1. Exciting – I greatly anticipate learning new things every day.
2. Fun – my peers are always very encouraging. I love the vibrancy of the team, as well as the constant encouragement from everyone. In addition, there is no seniority in this business and everyone treats each other like family.
3. Fulfilling – I love seeing the promotions and development of my people.
4. Satisfying – I am able to achieve my goals and see my people achieving their own goals, under my guidance but through their own capabilities.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?
Definitely clinching the Owner and Marketing Office of the Year award for the third consecutive year!
I am jubilant and appreciative of the organisations’ hard work in achieving this feat. I know it is not easy to consistently exceed expectations, and maintain persistence in obtaining such a result.

What advice would you give to someone starting their journey with the business?
Always dare to think big. Believe that you can do it and remember if no one laughs at your goals, that means your goals are not big enough.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
I see myself promoting three vice presidents and having 3,000 field representatives across the world.
What are your plans for the future?
Business goals – I am extremely grateful of the opportunity given to me when I joined this business in 2009 and I hope to pass on the same opportunity to as many people as possible, so that they can see the same light as I did.
Personal goals – I want to travel with my wife to 100 countries over the next 10 years and spend quality time with my family. To me, having the freedom to enjoy moments with my loved ones is very important and that is why I strive to exceed expectations every single time.

What are you hoping to accomplish by the end of the year?
I want to have a headcount of 600 in my organisation and be promoted to vice president.

How do you relax away from the office?
By indulging in my favourite pastimes! Cars intrigue me a lot, and many can vouch for that!

adminIn The Spotlight: Terrence Tey
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Appco client nabs prestigious award for upholding best workplace practices

Appco Group Malaysia is proud to be working with Maybank, Malaysia’s largest financial services group, which recently bagged the ‘Best Malaysian Organisation’ award from the prestigious Life at Work Awards 2015 for the second consecutive year.
Now in its third year, the awards event commends firms that nurture the strengths and interests of employees regardless of their diverse backgrounds.
Appco Malaysia fully supports Maybank’s mission to empower its employees. Here at Appco, we also believe in integrity and honesty and in taking on challenges, which forms the basis of our core values.
In an effort to maintain the integrity and professionalism of its workforce, Maybank introduced the Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) program. This option gives employees the ability to work on flexible schedules and locations. Maybank also has the Women Mentor Women initiative that gives female employees an opportunity to be coached by senior management.
There are currently 65 field representatives within the Appco Malaysia network representing the Maybank campaign and, since October 2014, Appco Group Malaysia has introduced more than 6,000 new credit card clients to the bank.
Led by Organisational Head and Co-Country Manager of Singapore Terrence Tey, field representatives encourage potential customers through two channels, Events and B2B. The group uses the Human Commercial™ method to provide a human touch in presenting Maybank’s product to customers.

adminAppco client nabs prestigious award for upholding best workplace practices
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Adrian Chua is Asia’s newest Organisational Head

Congratulations to Adrian Chua who became Asia’s newest Organisational Head at the Asian Convention 2015!

Over 1,500 people from across Asia, plus visiting guests from six countries including six Vice Presidents attended the event of the year to recognise the achievements and success of top performers across Asia’s sales and marketing network.

Adrian joined the business in November 2003 as an independent contractor in the telecommunication division. Adrian was promoted to Ownership in 12 months. In 2012, Adrian received his promotion to Senior Promoting Owner and was made Country Manager of Singapore the same year. As a Country Manager, Adrian played a major role in inspiring and driving Singapore’s growth and development together with the senior management team. In 2015, Adrian received his Organisational Head promotion. Today, Adrian runs an organisation of around 500 people spread across Singapore and Malaysia.

Huge congratulations to all the attendees – especially to Asia’s newest Organisational Head Adrian Chua. Terrence Tey won the Owner and Marketing Office of the Year award third year in a row. In addition, both Adrian and Terrence received the Chairmans Club award. Kang Young Min and Kim Won Sik were awarded the New Owner and Marketing Office of the Year award for 2015 together with the Rising Star award. The Recruiters and Administrators awards went to Amy Lim who took home the esteemed award for Organisational Head Administrator while Yeo Yi Hui received the award for Recruiter and Administrator of the Year.

The Asian Convention 2015 was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia on 25 November 2015 and was hosted by Vice President and Executive Director of Appco Group Asia James Greaves. The event marked the 20th anniversary of Appco Group Asia!

Check out the photos from the event at Appco Group Asia’s Facebook page.

adminAdrian Chua is Asia’s newest Organisational Head
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WWF takes Appco Malaysia’s fundraisers on an enriching appreciation trip

Malaysia’s World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has thanked the field representatives in Appco Group Malaysia’s network for their efforts in creating awareness and raising funds for the non-profit organisation by inviting them to see first-hand how their work is making a difference.
Appco Group Malaysia has secured more than 130,000 donors for WWF, allowing the organisation to continue its diverse environmental conservation programmes that will benefit the generations to come.
To show their appreciation, WWF took a group of field representatives to the Cooperation Programme for the Preservation and Conservation of Peat Swamp Forest in Selangor.
Peat forests are threatened habitats in Malaysia and Appco’s fundraisers had the chance to see WWF’s conservation initiatives up close. Attendees not only learned about the significance of peat forests, but also gained hands-on experiences in traditional peat forest activities, such as planting and fishing.
Appco Group Malaysia has been helping WWF Malaysia in its fight against detrimental environmental activities since April 2003. The group’s fundraising efforts have already paved the way for more than RM148 million (US$34 million) worth of donations. In addition to collecting funds, the fundraisers are able to impart the charity’s message to the public.
“WWF Malaysia thanks Appco for providing us with an avenue to reach out to the public, and spread the important environmental protection message, as well as fundraise for over 90 conservation projects in Malaysia,” said Yeap Chong Wei, General Manager, Marketing, WWF Malaysia.

adminWWF takes Appco Malaysia’s fundraisers on an enriching appreciation trip
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