Singtel help fortify cybersecurity

Singtel will work with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore to build a robust cyber-security.

With over 130 years of experience as a major communications hub, Singtel’s role in helping the country’s cybersecurity is pivotal.

For the past eight years, Appco Group Singapore has been working with Singtel to raise awareness of its services. Since the partnership began in 2007, Appco Group Singapore has signed up over 300,000 broadband customers for Singtel.

Thus, these customers will have access to services with a more robust cyber-security, which provides stronger defence against cyber-attacks that are becoming more sophisticated and pervasive.

“A resilient cyber security ecosystem will help reinforce Singapore’s position as a key business hub for innovation while building the foundation of a safe and smart nation,” said Singtel Group Enterprise’s Chief Executive Officer Bill Chang.

This infrastructure will provide more innovative digital services to Singaporeans, and in turn open more doors for economic opportunities.
Appco’s face-to-face field representatives use the Human Commercial™ method to provide a human touch in presenting Singtel’s services to customers.

adminSingtel help fortify cybersecurity
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First Media teams up with Bolt and Big TV for enhanced customer experience

First Media, provider of home fibre services and paid television content, recently merged with fellow Indonesian corporations Bolt and Big TV to provide consumers with seamless experiences.
Appco Group Indonesia has worked with First Media since 2013, and has introduced more than 3,000 new subscribers to the company in that time.
“Appco has enabled First Media to outsource a high-performing sales team, offering new customers flexible price options,” said a spokesperson from First Media.
The integration with Bolt and Big TV is one of First Media’s many initiatives to make things more convenient for its clients. The company previously introduced ‘First Media GO’ enabling clients to enjoy their favourite programs anytime and anywhere, using an array of electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The program is offered to subscribers at no extra cost.

adminFirst Media teams up with Bolt and Big TV for enhanced customer experience
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Singapore Heart Foundation lauds Appco Group Singapore for exuberance Back

Appco Group Singapore’s SHF team recently visited the SHF Heart Wellness Centre in Bishan, to attend the Quarter Two Award Ceremony and explore the centre’s innovative range of facilities.
The team members were also exposed to an hour-long awareness course on CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator). The course was led by SHF’s certified instructors Ms Denise Ng and Ms Geraldine Heng. To reinforce the key life-saving message, top fundraisers were given SHF’s Mini Anne CPR+AED Kit and a training manual for them to practise on their own.
The SHF Heart Wellness Centre and the SHF-LIA Heart Health Hub are the only two community-based cardiac rehabilitation centres, dedicated to delivering quality and affordable phase 3 & 4 rehabilitation programmes in Singapore. The centres help recovering cardiac patients and at-risk individuals to better manage their condition. The non-profit charitable organisation aims to become the country’s leading heart health movement by continuously educating community members, following the government’s initiative in 2011 – to ‘train one million people in CPR by the year 2020′.
Appco Group Singapore supports SHF’s vision through the Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP). The group enlists professional and passionate face-to-face fundraisers and since August 2007, they have recruited more than 10,000 active donors.
Appco is on track to exceed its target number of donors in 2015. Through DDDP, donors can choose to extend financial help in various frequencies – monthly, half-yearly, or annually, while some opt to make one-time donations.
Led by Senior Promoting Owner and Co-Country Manager of Appco Singapore Adrian Chua, team members encourage potential donors through two channels – events and streets.
Chief Executive Officer of SHF, Mr Vernon Kang has previously lauded the group for its dedication. He said, “Fundraising is never an easy task, and we are very appreciative of Appco’s enthusiasm and hard work. Thank you Appco and we look forward to a continued fruitful partnership.”
Please visit to find out more details about the Singapore Heart Foundation.

adminSingapore Heart Foundation lauds Appco Group Singapore for exuberance Back
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Appco Group Singapore’s fundraising ambassadors snap rare ‘wefie’ with Prime Minister

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was all smiles when Appco Group Singapore’s Streets Team for 365 Cancer Prevention Society (365 CPS) approached him for a ‘wefie’. He was in Ang Mo Kio as the guest of honour at a town council event and to interact with residents and tenants.

That day, the 365 CPS Team was also pitching in Ang Mo Kio. Field representatives Perlin, Kelvin, and Ben approached the prime minister and had a brief talk with him. Appco Group Singapore has been helping the non-profit organisation since March 2014.

There are approximately 40 – 50 professional fundraisers who help 365 CPS in its mission to educate the community on how to prevent and fight cancer holistically. As of July this year, the fundraisers had helped the charity raise more than S$3 million. Appco has already surpassed its target number of donors for the whole of 2015, having signed more than 7,000 active donors.

The charitable organisation uses the funds collected by Appco Group Singapore to continuously share cancer prevention messages as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle and lymphatic detox exercise programmes. 365 CPS also provides emotional support to cancer warriors through residential and hospital visitations.

Appco Group Singapore’s fundraising ambassadors also helped 365 CPS in one of its milestones – the establishment of its first Day Activity Centre. The facility is a great help to cancer patients and their family members. The charity aspires to construct a rehab centre, a counselling centre, and a healthy food centre in the future.

Ben Chua, Executive Director, 365 Cancer Prevention Society is thankful to Appco for all their support. He said: “Thank you Appco for all the fundraising efforts that are committed to 365 Cancer Prevention Society. This is significant to us as the efforts have given us more support from the public and certainty in making plans for the future.

“Since the start of the fundraising events, we have seen an increase of public awareness, donations and volunteers joining our cancer prevention and cancer fighting work. Thank you Appco for making such an impact for VWOs like us!”

Cancer is a battle with time and here’s how you can help 365 CPS.

adminAppco Group Singapore’s fundraising ambassadors snap rare ‘wefie’ with Prime Minister
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In The Spotlight: Asian Owners Invitational R&R and Awards Dinner

The Asian Owners Invitational R&R and Awards Dinner this year runs concurrently with the Asian Administrators Conference. The beautiful Westin Langkawi bears host to both exhilarating events! Approximately 350 delegates attended the four-day event, which included exclusively invited delegates from Australia, Italy and Japan.

It was four days of great meetings and networking events with the Main Meetings and Asian Administrators Conference taking place on 21 – 22 May 2015. The event kicked off with a group dinner encompassing all exclusively invited Assistant Owner Partners and Senior Administrators as well as Recruiters.
The workshop and meeting was a huge learning curve for all delegates. The excitement throughout the whole event was definitely in build up to the Awards Dinner and the Administration dinner.
Huge congratulations to all the award winners!

Overall, the Asian Owners Invitational R&R and Awards Dinner 2015 together with the Asian Administrators Conference was a huge success!

adminIn The Spotlight: Asian Owners Invitational R&R and Awards Dinner
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Special Olympics committed to changing lives with Appco Singapore

Appco Group Singapore is helping create awareness about intellectual disabilities with Special Olympics Asia Pacific, and has raised more than S$100,000 (£50,000) in just a few months of its partnership with the charity.
Fundraisers contracted to Appco Singapore are working to sign up regular donors to support the Special Olympics Model of Change, which combines sports, health, transformative education and community building.
The charity’s Chief of Regional Growth, Dr John Dow, Jr., said the Special Olympics was committed to working on a long-term fundraising programme with Appco to help change the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.
“Special Olympics depends on the generosity of the public in Singapore to help provide the much-needed lifelong support for one of the most socially isolated people in our community,” he said.
With S$118,342 (£58,604) raised for the charity since December 2014, Appco Singapore Owner Partner Jasmine Lim said she was looking forward to seeing the partnership grow.
“Special Olympics has been great with the face-to-face fundraisers. We really appreciate their constant support with the team to update them on the campaign, which in turn helps the fundraisers to be even more passionate about bringing the cause to a greater height.”

Special Olympics is the leading voice for people with intellectual disabilities, dedicated to transforming their lives and empowering them to become contributing members of society.

adminSpecial Olympics committed to changing lives with Appco Singapore
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SASCO thanks Appco Singapore for signing 16,000 donors

A team from Appco Group Singapore and face-to-face fundraisers have had the chance to see first-hand the impact of their work signing almost 16,000 active donors for elderly-care charity SASCO.
Appco Singapore, which has been working with SASCO since 2013, has recruited almost 16,000 active donors for SASCO and, as of December 2014, raised S$9.5million (£4.7 million).
To celebrate this success, SASCO invited the group to its newest ‘Integrated Eldercare Centre’, which opened in January and provides comprehensive services to support the frail elderly.
Fundraisers were impressed with the design and facilities provided, and proud to see how their hard work had contributed to the expansion and development of the centre.
Owner Cai You Jia, said he was very impressed with the attention to the needs of the elderly: “I believe the cosy environment and kind caregivers, make it easy for the elderly to call this place a second home.”
SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home was established in 1981 with the aim of caring for the elderly in homes or day care centres.

adminSASCO thanks Appco Singapore for signing 16,000 donors
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Appco helps UN refugee agency support displaced Filipinos

Appco Group Philippines is working with the UN’s refugee agency to help thousands of people who have been forced from their homes because of ongoing conflict in the country.

Fundraisers contracted to Appco Philippines and working on behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are educating the public about the humanitarian work the charity is involved in, and engaging in face-to-face fundraising to recruit committed long-term donors.

The regular donations secured by fundraisers in Appco’s network have helped UNHCR provide assistance following the Mamasapano incident. In January, a police terrorism operation in the area left 44 officers and several civilians dead, and more than 34,000 people have been displaced due to ongoing conflict by armed groups.

People from the Maguindanao and North Cotabato provinces are being temporarily sheltered at evacuation centres or sharing dwellings with host families.

UNHCR has provided hundreds of thermal blankets, plastic sleeping mats, and mosquito nets, as well as collapsible cans for storing drinking water.

UNHCR is a humanitarian organisation working in 126 countries around the world, helping millions of refugees.

adminAppco helps UN refugee agency support displaced Filipinos
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Appco Korea opens new office in Busan

Appco Group Korea has opened a new location in Busan, South Korea. The office, which opened in March, is situated at Seomyeon, Busan.
Acting Country Head of South Korea Kim Yong is leading the office together with five core Leaders. The team is specialised in face-to-face fundraising for charity partners.

The team is currently representing United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

adminAppco Korea opens new office in Busan
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Appco Malaysia helps raise US$36million to support forest conservation

Appco Group Malaysia together with WWF Malaysia is helping the state government in its fight against illegal logging activities in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Since April 2003, Appco Group Malaysia’s face-to-face fundraising efforts have raised more than RM135,649,750 (US$36,669,527) by signing up 120,000 long-term donors for WWF Malaysia. Funds raised are used to conserve and protect the country’s natural environment through the charity’s various programmes.
“WWF Malaysia thanks Appco for providing us with an avenue to reach out to the public, and spread the important environmental protection message, as well as fundraise for over 90 conservation projects in Malaysia,” said Yeap Chong Wei, General Manager, Marketing, WWF Malaysia.

“As an NGO, we rely on the passion, commitment and financial support from individuals and corporate sectors. Thank you for your support, which enables our conservation efforts.”

The state government is attempting to curb illegal logging by encouraging logging operators to obtain Sustainable Forest Management certification.

WWF is an international non-governmental organisation supporting conservation and environmental projects.

adminAppco Malaysia helps raise US$36million to support forest conservation
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