Appco Asia head joins international sales summit

Appco organisational and country head for The Philippines Vishnu Annapareddy recently took part in a major international sales conference, introducing Appco and outlining the company’s vision to hundreds of delegates.
More than 500 people took part in last month’s Philippines Mid-Year Sales Conference at AIMS conference centre.
Vishnu, who got his start in the sales and marketing industry as a 20-year-old in Australia, delivered a presentation entitled “Three power components of successful selling”, and was pleased to receive extremely positive feedback afterwards.
“After the talk, a lot of delegates came to take pictures with me and said I’d offered simple, but powerful ideas on improving personal selling capability,” he said.
While the event was a sales conference aimed at providing mentorship for professionals, delegates from a variety of other sectors also attended, offering a unique chance for networking.
“I was amazed to see how many people from different backgrounds were interested to hear about sales,” Vishnu said.
“This shows that sales is a vital skill for both business and personal progression. It was an excellent networking opportunity and to spend time with other business owners and professionals.”

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