Appco Group Asia hosts annual rest and relaxation event

The Owners Invitational R&R was held at Le Meridian Beach Resort Phuket from May 24-29, and was attended by 280 delegates from 10 countries across Appco’s network.
On the shores of the Andaman Sea, this chic, beachfront resort was an idyllic location for delegates to relax, network and learn from other successful business owners while attending a number of skill-building workshops.
Helen Teh, the head of group human resource, kicked off the event with a two-day seminar discussing personal effectiveness, emotional intelligence and leadership.
James Greaves, vice president and group executive director gave an inspiring opening speech about the growth of Appco Group in Asia and exciting new projects that will open up growth opportunities across the region. Australia’s country head, Shane Ward, also delivered a motivating speech on the big three, “Environment, Opportunity and Money”.
Delegates were able to focus on more specific topics, including recruitment, handling highs and lows, and goal-setting, as they broke out into smaller groups.
The event was also one for celebration, as delegates donned their best for the gala awards dinner. Among those recognised for their achievements were Kim Yong, who was named the new organisational head for Appco Korea, and Adam Bailey, for his appointment as the new chief executive officer of Appco Group Asia. Thirty-five awards for senior team leaders were announced, as well as 15 for assistant owners, and numerous others.
On the whole, the event was packed full of rest, relaxation, networking, knowledge sharing and celebration that entrepreneurs soaked up and enjoyed.
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adminAppco Group Asia hosts annual rest and relaxation event