Appco Group Asia’s newest organisational head

Six years after joining the Appco network as an independent contractor in Australia, Kim Yong has been promoted to organisational head.
His new position was announced by Appco Group Asia executive director and vice president James Greaves at the company’s recent rest and relaxation event in Thailand.
“Yong’s success so far has been incredible to watch. His hard work, focus, intelligence and big-thinking mentality has carried him further and faster than almost anyone else I’ve ever seen in our business,” James said.
“He is a true inspiration and, on behalf of all of us at Appco Group Asia, I’d like to congratulate him on his promotion to organisational head.”
Yong began his career in 2010, when he arrived in Australia as a 22-year-old backpacker on a working holiday programme from South Korea. He was looking for a way to earn money and improve his English, and the face-to-face sales business proved to be a seamless match to achieve both goals.
He progressed quickly and after 18 months went to Japan to learn from the team there, subsequently opening Appco Korea in Seoul.
“I feel proud when I look back at where I started and what I have achieved,” Yong said upon receiving his promotion.
“I realise that this is as a result of having the support and encouragement of so many people around me.”
Yong’s latest achievement has been praised across Appco’s international network, with founder and chairman Chris Niarchos among many to offer congratulations.
“This is an amazing milestone as it signifies not only Yong’s own achievements, he has now assisted four others in becoming business owners,” Chis said.
“From Yong’s early start in Sydney, he clearly stood out as someone who was focused on improving his life and the lives of those around him.”
Appco vice president Tony Fernandez noted Yong’s hardworking, honest and respectful attitude.
“He has an insatiable appetite to be better by learning, experiencing and implementing. Congratulations boss man.”
Appco vice president, Taras Koochin, said Yong had stood out from the crowd since the day they met.
“He puts his heart and soul into every project, but I never knew what kind of a leader he would become until he faced some real adversity.”
“It was the challenges of making difficult choices that showed that Yong was someone who would lead with integrity and would never allow his values to be compromised.”
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