Appco Group España supports water conservation in Spain

Appco Group España has helped consumers save over 55 million litres of water, thanks to sales of its waterless car-wash product, Fast Wax (FW1), which reached more than 93,000 units this year.

Appco Group Prosales started selling this product in Spain – the driest country in the EU – in the summer of 2012. Due to its popularity and vital water-saving capabilities, FW1 is now available at 35 locations across eight of the biggest cities around the country – Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Málaga, Sevilla, Madrid, Zaragoza and Vizcaya – ensuring customers have maximum access to the product.

FW1’s success is also due to the quality of the technical advice given by the 130 field sales representatives, who demonstrate to customers the ecological nature of FW1 and the water-saving results. FW1 works with prestigious multinational brands to ensure product stands are located in high-profile areas, which contributes to the visibility and success of the product.

FW1 continues to receive positive feedback from customers. Juan Gallego Abarrategui, a customer from Madrid, recently posted on the FW1 website: “It is amazing not having to carry buckets of water to clean my car and wait to polish it. With FW1, I can do it all at the same time and in a few minutes.”

adminAppco Group España supports water conservation in Spain