Intention versus Action

For 15 years, I had big plans for my health. I wanted to get in the best shape possible and have a six pack. However, until recently, that still hasn’t happened.

I had intention, but didn’t put the work into achieving my goal. I’m sure many of you have had similar aims, and the majority have behaved like me – intention with very little action.

I call it the ‘intention trap’, and it affects not just our personal goals, but our professional ones as well.

Putting in the hard yards in business

Let’s look at the impact this trap can have on career building:

I want to get promoted. I want a pay increase. I want more responsibility. I really want to be a high roller in sales. I want to build a team. I want to develop my team.

If we rate our intention on a scale of one to 10, most of us would sit at 10.5, 11, or above. But when it comes to action, I am 100 per cent confident the ratings would be nowhere near the level of intent.

Intention is just the first step and not enough to get things done. You need to want to achieve then actually go out and take consistent action. Only then will you get the ball rolling and see your desired results.

Intention without consistent action is a waste of time. Intention leads to imagination, while actions lead to results.

When I began my career in sales 12 years ago, I intended to be successful. People who had been in the business for a long time already told me that what separated those who wanted to be successful and those who were, was consistent action.

Once I started working my numbers consistently, maintaining a positive attitude and focusing on continually delivering quality presentations to potential customers that I became a top performer and broke sales records at the Perth office that I contracted to.

Whatever your intentions, write down the actions you need to take consistently and do them until you meet your targets.

Vishnu Annapareddy, Centurion Organisation, is a partner to Appco Group Asia, conducting face-to-face sales and fundraising for Appco’s clients in both Malaysia and The Philippines.

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