What does it mean to be a face-to-face fundraiser?

Jayson Andrew is a self-employed face-to-face fundraiser who represents Royal British Legion (RBL) on behalf of Appco Group UK’s charity division, AGS Global Fundraising Services. His role is to raise awareness of RBL and sign long-term donors so the charity can continue its vital work supporting the Armed Forces community.

Jayson talks about why he loves being a face-to-face fundraiser, and how draws on the positive reactions from the people he meets – as well as his own tour in Afghanistan – for daily motivation.

Can you tell us a little bit about your tours of duty?
It was during the Winter Tour in Afghanistan and it was cold. I was posted on patrol for nine days, doing night observations, which was not only an incredibly intense and confronting experience, but also extremely cold.

After such a challenging experience, how did you end up becoming a field representative (FR)?
I found the advert for the [face-to-face fundraising] position on the Internet and I quickly realised that this was the new challenge I was looking for.

Not only do I have the opportunity to build my own business and future, but what a great way to promote the Royal British Legion and help other people in the process!

What does being a face-to-face fundraiser involve?
We receive coaching on the charity and the specific campaign each morning and have the opportunity to network with fundraisers who are doing particularly well – it’s great to be able to share information and advice.

As a Leader, I also get to educate my team on the systems we use in the field. We receive daily recognition for hitting our goals – something I’m always keen to beat.

What do you like about the RBL campaign?
The fact that the charity is there for veterans the whole of their lives, providing support to everyone who needs it for as long as they need it. After serving your country it’s great to know that they are there to provide help if you need it.

I recently spoke to a gentleman and he said he was so proud of me that I had found something that I really enjoy doing, and that also has such an impact on the lives of veterans.

Being able to talk to people and help them to realise how much of a difference RBL makes motivates me every day to continue to support the charity through my role as a face-to-face fundraiser.

Have you had any memorable experiences in the field?
I have met a lot of people, and heard a lot of stories from veterans about how they were injured and how RBL has helped them and their families. It’s always great to hear first-hand experiences about the work that we actively promote on a daily basis.

What does a typical day look like for an FR?
After our morning product coaching and team meetings, we head out to the field. We go out in teams of five and it’s always fun travelling together.

On average, we spend about seven hours speaking to as many potential donors as possible to explain the work RBL does. We meet so many interesting and generous people so it’s always exciting. Once we’ve finished for the day, we travel home.
What do you like most about face-to-face fundraising?
Every day I have the opportunity to achieve my own personal and business goals, mentor my team, develop and expand my own business, meet fantastic people both in the office and the field, and raise money for a fantastic cause. I only wish I’d found this role earlier than I did.

adminWhat does it mean to be a face-to-face fundraiser?