Singapore Heart Foundation praises owner in Appco network

The Singapore Heart Foundation has praised the efforts of a marketing company owner within Appco’s network whose positive attitude was noted by a member of the public.
In a letter of recognition to the foundation, Wong Yeow Chong said he was stopped by Jeric Koh, the owner of Eden Cube Marketing who was representing the charity, and was so impressed by his politeness he wanted to acknowledge it.
Mr Chong was initially on his way to an appointment and was in a hurry, so didn’t stop, but Jeric remembered him when he came past again a few hours later and the pair began to talk.
“He also was very articulate and interested to know about me and where I was coming from. I would like to recognise his sincerity and passion.”
He also wrote about Jeric’s genuineness, saying it was clear he believed in the charity and the people it was trying to support.
The Singapore Heart Foundation welcomed the feedback, and praised Jeric for creating such a positive donor experience.
“We sincerely appreciate his role in the success and hope that he will keep up the good work in the future also. Thank you for giving Singapore Heart Foundation your best.”
Jeric said hearing about donor satisfaction was a big motivator, and a reminder of how important creating a positive donor experience was.
“It is what people will remember and it reflects heavily on the entire organisation. It assures me that all the hard work I put in for heart patients is worth it.”
As far as his passion for the charity went, Jeric said it was completely sincere.
“As Steve Jobs said: ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do.’”

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