Transferring life skills to sales

While sales training can help you learn new techniques to build your numbers, it can also help you make the most of skills you already have.
It’s important to embrace the abilities you have developed in life, and use those to boost your professional performance.

1. Communicating with different people
Throughout your life, you will have spent time with a range of people of different ages, ethnicities, and from different backgrounds with different beliefs.
From the schoolyard to the business world, you will have developed communication skills that stretch across a variety of people and personalities.
Being able to speak to all different types of people, engage them in conversation and make them feel at ease is arguably the most important ability for salespeople.

2. Using your own initiative
Thinking on your feet is crucial if you’re to make the most of conversations with potential customers and ensure that every person you speak to has a positive experience.
While the prospect of using your own judgement in situations like this can seem daunting, it’s important to have faith in your abilities.
You already rely on your initiative and gut instinct countless times a day, whether you’re negotiating a better deal on your mobile phone contract, or holding a door open for a mother with a pushchair.

3. Strong organisational abilities
Time management and good organisation are key attributes in a sales role.
To stick to a schedule and make productive use of your time, you must plan your days effectively. As with the two skills mentioned above though, strong organisational abilities may well be something you have already picked up.
Whether you’re used to meeting deadlines in your current role or have experience of sticking to a study schedule, planning your days as a sales specialist might come easier to you than you think.

Just the beginning
These are just three of the skills that you can adapt from everyday life to help you in your sales career, but there are loads more.

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