Organisational Head & Co-Country Manager of Singapore

Redwoods Advance


Adrian joined the business in November 2003 as an independent contractor in the telecommunication division. Adrian was promoted to Ownership in 12 months. Adrian then went onto become the Product Head of the Banking division in Singapore. In 2012, Adrian received his promotion to Senior Promoting Owner and was made Country Manager of Singapore the same year. As Country Manager, Adrian played a major role in inspiring and driving Singapore’s growth and development together with the senior management team. In 2015, Adrian received his Organisational Head promotion. Today, Adrian runs an organisation of around 500 people spread across Singapore and Malaysia. He is involved in a wide variety of divisions including telecommunications, energy, lifestyle, charities, FMCGs, banking, and applications services such as Uber. What works for Adrian is leading by example and his ambition to bring his team to greater heights.

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