Vice President and Country Head

Thailand & Hong Kong

Starting off in the Telecommunication Division in September 2002, he was later involved in many product tests and new launches in Singapore. He left Singapore to set up Appco Thailand in 2007 and his sky-high ambitions and extremely high standards are being reflected, with Singapore and Thailand setting the benchmark in many areas for others to follow. What separates Chee Wai as one of the best leaders of his time – was his strong work ethic, unlimited energy and a “you-can’t-knock-me-down” attitude. Always an inspirational leader, never afraid of a challenge and a person who leads by action, Chee Wai has been an example for everyone in Asia and around the world till today. Chee Wai was promoted to Vice President in 2014 and today, his organisation has more than 30 companies stretching across more than four countries with close to 1,000 independent contractors.

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